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National Public Security unified action! 48000 criminals were found in three nights

During the operation, local public security organs dispatched a total of 2.8 million policemen and auxiliary policemen, mobilized mass prevention and mass governance forces for 2.87 million people, seized 48000 current criminals, found more than 2600 fugitives, confiscated a batch of illegal and prohibited items, investigated and rectified 205000 potential safety hazards, and actively carried out safety prevention publicity, effectively patrolled the momentum, detected hidden dangers, publicized safety, and prevented safety, It has effectively enhanced the sense of security of the people.


People’s daily Heyin:contribute to China’s plan to meet the challenges of human security

The global security initiative is another important international public product provided by China and a vivid practice of the concept of a community with a shared future for mankind in the field of security.”Facts have proved once again that the Cold War mentality will only undermine the framework of global peace, hegemonism and power politics will only endanger world peace, and group confrontation will only exacerbate the security challenges of the 21st century.”


Are the US, Japan, Singapore and Australia worried about the China Institute security framework agreement? China refutes

In response to the Intergovernmental security cooperation framework agreement signed by China and Solomon Islands, the US National Security Council issued a statement on the 19th saying that the United States, Japan, New Zealand and Australia are worried about the security framework agreement, which poses a serious threat to the free and open Indo Pacific region.