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China Performing Arts Association launches a self-discipline convention: 14 platforms will implement joint punishments on accounts that violate severe regulations

China News Service, September 11th. According to the official Weibo news of the China Performance Industry Association, in order to implement the spirit of the national culture and tourism industry to strengthen the comprehensive management of the cultural As required by the “Special Rectification Work Arrangement”, the China Performance Industry Association organized a special meeting on September 10th for representatives of some Internet platform companies in the membership system to discuss self-discipline measures.


14 platforms jointly launched the “Convention on the Self-discipline of the Construction of Qinglang Network Culture Ecosystem”

  In order to maintain a clear cyberspace and strengthen the construction of cyber cultural content, platform companies should transform the management requirements of the competent authorities into more proactive self-discipline. Today, a number of network platforms within the membership system of the China Performance Industry Association jointly initiated the “Convention on the Self-discipline of the Construction of Qinglang Network Culture Ecosystem” and launched cross-platform joint self-discipline measures.


The first step in self-discipline is often to develop a good habit

I always say I want to exercise, but I can’t take the first step. In fact, self-discipline can stimulate people’s potential, and forming a good habit is the first step in self-discipline. Don’t refuse to start because you are afraid of failure. Dare to try and make progress gradually. Better than yesterday is progress.


Morning Reading丨The degree of your self-discipline determines the height of your life

2020 has passed, and we have ushered in 2021. Looking back on the past, ask yourself, have all your plans been completed? Do you have a fulfilling day? Are you living the life you want? No matter what your answer is, whether there are regrets in your past life or not, you just have to believe in one thing:from now on, be the master of your own life. No matter when you start, when you start to discipline yourself, life is invincible.


The degree of your self-discipline determines the height of your life

Schrödinger said in”What is Life”,”People live against the law of entropy increase, and life lives on negative entropy.” Many times, we only see the good looks of others, but often ignore that they really put all the pieces together. I have used time to grow myself, and I have made almost self-abuse efforts for this.


Many banks have also initiated self-discipline investigations in the”aftershock” of the Yongmei incident

Risk Reminder Guangzhou Daily News (all-media reporter Wang Chuhan) On November 19, the reporter learned from the news published on the official website of the China Interbank Market Dealers Association that recently, the Dealers Association is conducting a self-discipline investigation on Yongcheng Coal and Electricity Holdings Group Co., Ltd. In the process of interviews with a number of intermediaries, it was discovered that the lead underwriters such as Industrial Bank Co., Ltd., China Everbright Bank Co., Ltd. and Zhongyuan Bank Co., Ltd.