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These 6 sentry retire with honor…

On September 28, the District People’s Armed Forces Department held an annual sentry retiring ceremony, announcing the sentry’s retirement order and commendation announcement, paying high respects to the 6 retired comrades, and paying utmost respect to the wonderful future of the retired comrades. best wishes. Leaders such as Lin Junfeng, political commissar of the People’s Armed Forces Department, put red flowers and ribbons on the retired sentry, and issued souvenirs to affirm the sentry’s work in the past two years.


Have extraterrestrial creatures investigated humans? UFOs in the sky are flying saucers?

So far, we humans have not been able to figure out whether we don’t understand the aliens too much or whether our activities interfere with the aliens. One night, two Brazilian sentries were on duty in the bunker. They saw two light spots moving in the air directly in front of them. Looking at them, the light spots gradually approached and quickly flew to the bunker right above the bunker, 300 meters away. Hover high in the air, and then slowly land.


Goodbye,”Battle Position”! Veterans in Ningxia bid farewell to youth sentry

2 years, 24 months, 730 days, 17520 hours, 1051200 minutes, 63072000 seconds… On August 30, the Shizuishan Detachment of the Armed Police Force Ningxia organized veterans to hold a farewell ceremony to the outpost, remembering the youth of dedication, and bidding farewell to the sweat that has been swayed. The youth sentry, bid farewell to the fiery barracks.