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Unexpected gains from the war in Europe? Russia and Ukraine continue to fight, and Serbia may fall completely to China

With the long-term war between Russia and Ukraine, its international influence is also fermenting, especially in Europe. The public opinion voice of many European countries has even gradually changed from unanimous and tough anti Russia at the end of February to compromise with Russia. Even French presidential candidate Poincare publicly proposed that Europe should win over Russia to avoid China Russia alliance.


Dare to laugh at China’s backward weapons? Western double standard words and deeds angered the Serbian side, and Vucic retaliated like a textbook

On April 19, according to RIA Novosti, in the face of the”double standard” move of western countries to challenge, threaten or even belittle Serbia’s normal purchase of Chinese equipment while providing a large number of weapons and equipment to Kosovo, Serbian President Vucic denounced the hypocrisy of western countries on TV programs and invited his own people to watch the military parade of Serbian armed forces at the end of April, He said that Serbian people can go to Belgrade airport to visit the”most modern air defense system” composed of Russian”armor” short-range air defense system and Chinese fk-3 medium and long-range air defense system.


Wu Qiqi asked excitedly:what did you do when 19 countries bombed us?

Serbian President Vucic said in an interview with the country’s Pink TV station on April 17 that although Serbian Airlines received frequent bomb threats, Serbia would not cut off flights with Russia. He pointed out that foreign intelligence agencies continued to threaten Serbian civil aviation through two countries – Ukraine and an EU member state.


Why does the route of Yun 20 to Serbia stop in Turkey?

For three consecutive days, six yun-20 strategic transport aircraft flew to Serbia with a round-trip range of more than 10000 kilometers in a single day to transport fk-3 air defense missiles. Yun-20 is a domestic aircraft, with a maximum takeoff weight of about 200 tons, a maximum load of 55 tons and a maximum range of about 7800 kilometers. It is the country’s heavy equipment.


Vucic responded to Serbia’s purchase of Chinese military materials

With regard to the accusation by Serbian politicians that”Serbia is arming itself from European and NATO competitors”, Serbian President Vucic said:we have purchased China’s fk-3 air defense missile system in a legal, compliant, transparent and open manner according to procedures.


In three days, 18 sorties of yun-20 arrived in Serbia. NATO countries had a green light all the way, but the United States couldn’t sit still

Today, the situation in Ukraine can be said to be the most concerned topic in Europe. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has entered the 48th day. The impact of the outbreak of war between the two countries has continued to spread to other European countries. NATO and the European Union have launched many economic sanctions against Russia, and even other European countries supporting Russia have been implicated, including Serbia.