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Shen Mengchen’s figure is too top! Slim dress outlines graceful curves, you can play without editing

Recently, a group of Du Haitao’s girlfriend Shen Mengchen appeared on the Internet to participate in a brand event’s new look. Shen Mengchen, who has a net height of 1.71 meters, is a typical white, beautiful and long-legged type. This time it was matched during the event. The styling fully shows the characteristics of her white, beautiful and long legs, even if it is not edited, she can still play.


Shen Mengchen’s figure is really charming. She wears a double V skirt and shows a beautiful waist-to-hip ratio. He is very self-cultivating but does not see any fat

Skirts with V-neck elements are bound to continue to be popular in the fashion circle. The neat lines are cut into different”patterns”, giving people a brand new visual effect. The female host of Hunan Satellite TV, Shen Mengchen, is in the brand Bulgari During the event, I wore a short double V sky blue skirt, tailored to fit the figure, and outlined the perfect waist-to-hip ratio. It was very self-cultivating without any feeling of fatness. This figure is really charming!