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In the north, wearing big red high heels to work, attracting attention all the way

The shoes worn by the celebrities have perfect temperament, the upper feet are very comfortable, the soles are not high, the walking will not be very tired, and they are versatile, and the decoration of the shoes is also very eye-catching, which is in line with the characteristics of girls~ this pair of high heels is so amazing. Well, the first day I wore it to the company, I was stopped by the personnel. Apricot is very low-key and not simple. It is very suitable for a young lady who goes to work.


Hot mom goes out on the street, easily solve the match!

Fashion is around. It is said that girls are born to love beauty. Girls down to 10 years old and grandmothers up to 80 have a love of beauty. Do you agree with this point of view? Uncle Kan is very agreeable. But there are women who don’t have time to love beauty at all, that is, mothers with babies. Many mothers with babies are busy with their children and don’t have time to take care of themselves.


Sneakers Information | AJ 1 Low OG”Dumping rebounds” will be released next year; AJ 4″Fire Red” will return

03 Off-Whitex AJ 5″Sail” Official Pictures Official Pictures. Recently, Nike officially released the Off-Whitex AJ 5″Sail” photo album. The upper uses light and thin TPE material to create a yellowish translucent vision, with 3M reflective silver tongue,”23″ and shoe buckles and other details. The shoes are expected to go on sale on October 24, priced at $225. 04 Yeezy Boost 350 V2″NATURAL” Recently, yeezyleaks revealed the release date of the new Yeezy Boost 350 V2″NATURAL”.


A brand that Zhang Ziyi and Carina Lau have praised? How good is Lv?

Speaking of international superstars, who do you think of first? For the time being, the male star, the female star must be Zhang Ziyi to be the top spot. Many people in China don’t understand Zhang Ziyi’s fashion, and marketing accounts often complain about her clothes and outfits, saying that she is ugly and unworthy of being a superstar.


After watching this show, it is no less than watching one of the most dreamy suspense movies

The combination of fashion and suspense can always collide the most exciting sparks, from the bright Rita in”Muholland Road” to the elegant Christine Redfern in”Sin in the Sun”, and then to” In”Kill Eve”, the female killer Veranel, who looks like an ins blogger, was full of enthusiasm when I watched it. The last second was for the brain-burning plot, and the next second was probably because of the beautiful clothes of the heroine .