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Seriously, the temperament gap between”short skirt” and”long skirt” is too big! Three groups of comparison charts tell you the answer

Although radishes and vegetables have their own love, and the choice of short skirts and long skirts also depends on their hobbies, it is undeniable that there is a natural chain of contempt about long skirts and short skirts. After all, the temperament gap between”short skirt” and”long skirt” is too big. Look at the three groups of comparison charts to tell you where the gap is.


41-year-old”Ms. Pei Pei” really let go, wearing slippers and a short skirt, 182 height boys have low self-esteem

Speaking of the single product with the highest rate of upper body in all seasons, that skirt really has its place, especially short skirts, whether it is short skirts in spring and summer or autumn and winter, you can see them on the street. Compared with conventional dresses, short skirts have richer styles and more options for matching. It can achieve”one dress, multiple wear” and greatly deepen the utilization rate of basic products.


Why don’t you wear short skirts on the show? Seeing Zhao Liying going down by boat, the director couldn’t save it.

Among the ten girls, it is estimated that seven or eight will say that they like summer, because in summer, girls can wear very thin and beautiful short skirts. Such clothes will make girls look more playful. Cute and girlish, no girl can resist the enthusiasm for short skirts, but although short skirts look good in summer, there are many inconveniences because skirts are not as conservative as pants.


Short skirts and T-shirts can also show the most beautiful side of girls

So for many girls, the biggest thing in spring is to find the clothes they like and then put them on and match them with the most beautiful self. Although it is only spring and not the heat of summer, it is quite suitable to wear short skirts. Many people have a misunderstanding that it is not suitable to wear short skirts in spring.


What is the hot”pure desire” this year? After reading these 3 outfits, you can easily create

This summer, many people often hear such a word in their ears, or in the process of browsing their phones:pure desire. Cardigan is a single item that will appear all year round. In winter, we will choose wool material, and in summer we can’t hide it, because there are thin knitting, ice silk or ice silk mixed linen texture, they are all The material is not too hot, so I collectively call it thin cardigan.


Recently, a dressing method called”skirt + skirt” is popular, which covers the flesh and is fashionable, increasing the proportion of waist remodeling

In the scorching summer, no matter what kind of fabric and version and trousers, there is no small skirt cool, only the skirt can meet the hearts of the little fairies who want to be cool, the skirt is also the most exemplified feminine and elegant single item, long Elegant skirts, playful short skirts, tea break skirts, shirt skirts, plaid skirts, striped skirts, denim skirts, floral skirts and other skirts make people overwhelmed, but nowadays, wearing only one skirt is no longer enough to meet fashionable beauty and beauty The pursuit of fashion!