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How exciting is the short track speed skating competition?

The 24th Winter Olympic Games will open in Beijing on February 4, 2022. The sports department of chinanews.com launched a series of columns “questions about the Winter Olympics”, which aims to popularize the knowledge of the Winter Olympics, answer hot questions and share interesting ice and snow stories, so as to help everyone have a better viewing experience during the Beijing Winter Olympics.


Dialogue | China’s famous Winter Olympics hostel teaches skating in the tropics

Due to the influence of climate and environment, it is difficult to carry out ice and snow sports in tropical countries and regions. However, the charm of winter sports will not fade due to regional restrictions. “If there is a professional ice rink in Hong Kong, it will attract more people to participate in winter sports,” Sun Dandan, a famous short track speed skater, believes in it.


The Chinese delegation’s Winter Olympic list is out. Don’t miss these people’s games!

On January 25, some members of the Chinese sports delegation to the Beijing Winter Olympics came to Tiananmen Square to watch the national flag raising ceremony and vowed to go out. The picture shows some members of the Chinese sports delegation taking an oath to go to the Beijing Winter Olympics. Photo provided by the winter sports management center of the State Sports Administration of China News Agency