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US media: the United States lacks everything

The world bank and Market Research Institute Aisin Huamai company this year evaluated the operation efficiency of 351 container ports around the world based on indicators such as ship residence time in ports, and launched the ranking of container port performance index. Among them, the port of Los Angeles ranked 328th and long beach ranked 333th.


Oil shortage! The British rush for fuel, the European energy crisis or spread to the United States?

Beijing, September 27 (Xinhua) according to a comprehensive report, recently, the “supply chain crisis” in the UK has intensified, and the shortage of truck drivers has affected domestic fuel distribution and led to panic buying. At the European level, the energy crisis is said to be difficult to contain, and some analysts say that the energy crisis started in Europe is spreading to the United States. So, will the European energy crisis evolve into a global crisis?