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“Reading at night” is simple, and people are happy

I don’t know if you have such a time, suddenly feel depressed, that things are developing in a worse and worse situation, feel that everything is in trouble with yourself, want to cry inexplicably, and be inexplicably fragile.


Happy in the evening, warm in light winter

Spring goes and autumn comes another year, cold comes and summer comes another winter. Outside the window, the sense of winter is getting deeper, and a heavy snowfall has dyed the fragments of time with the charm of coldness. Walking on the street, the north wind stumbled, accidentally pounced on me. The wind in the winter is like a dagger carved by the years, exuding a cold light. I couldn’t avoid it, and let it playfully curl up the ends of the hair, dancing and messy.


Please pour out the garbage in your heart

But in front of others, everyone can only be invincible, swallowing the pain and forcing an ugly smile. No one is beaten by iron. Although we can no longer cry and make trouble when we want to cry like a child, we can still talk about the pain in our hearts and vent our pressure.


The higher the level, the simpler

Simple people live happily, but complicated people live in pain. In this life, people really need very few things, but they often pursue many things, and their body and mind are bound to be deeply disturbed.


Feng Lun summed up 30 years of business:all those who do simple things exist, and those who do complicated things no longer exist

The”2020 Yabuli Forum Summer Summit” was held in Qingdao from August 28th to 30th. Feng Lun, chairman of Yufeng Group, attended and gave a speech. Feng Lun said that he recently went to Hainan to see old things by car. I found that compared to my arrival in Hainan in the early 30s, many things have disappeared, and only the”Aer Liangtang” store is still open.


Victoria’s Secret show wrestling accident, from supermodel to wealthy wife giving birth, Xi Mengyao never lost fashion

Foreword:Fashion supermodel Xi Mengyao, who came from a talent show, step by step, relies on her own efforts to go to the world. She has also walked the show for Victoria’s Secret and endorsed other brands many times. The wrestling incident of the Victoria’s Secret show once became a fashion hotspot. Soon after, it was revealed that he was in love with the gambling king’s son He Youjun. Their love and marriage have always been controversial. After all, wealthy wives are not good enough.