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What will you do after the Beijing Winter Olympics? Gu ailing admitted that she wanted to try surfing and playing football

Beijing, March 15 (Bian Liqun) – on the 14th, Gu ailing returned to Shougang ski jumping platform, the gold medal winning place at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and participated in the love charity run of “moving forward, wisdom to the future” hosted by China Mobile. When talking about what sports other than skiing will be tried after the Beijing Winter Olympics, Gu ailing admitted that she wanted to try surfing and play football.


At the Beijing winter Paralympic Games, “glittering” they are so beautiful!

On March 7, Chinese player Zhang mengqiu waved after the game. On the same day, the Beijing 2022 winter Paralympic Games Paralympic women’s all-round standing position final of alpine skiing was held in Yanqing national alpine skiing center. Chinese contestant Zhang mengqiu won the silver medal in 1 minute 58.02. Photographed by China News Agency reporter Yang Huafeng

There are such a group of girls in the Beijing winter Paralympic Games.


How warm is the Beijing winter Paralympic Games? Look at these details and you’ll know

Beijing, March 8 (Liu Xingchen) “welcome to the national alpine skiing center.” Before the daily alpine skiing competition of the Beijing winter Paralympic Games, the on-site host will always say this opening sentence with emotion. The venue, known as “snow flying swallow”, seems to be filled with a bit of enthusiasm even in the air. And the people in it can always feel warm and happy.


After six years of waiting, the girl who likes gold won the gold medal of the winter Paralympic Games

Beijing, March 6 (Liu Xingchen) – when 19-year-old Zhang mengqiu slipped through 39 flag gates to the racing end area, the time was fixed at 1 minute 13.54, the Chinese team’s coaching team and Chinese volunteers holding high the national flag in the stands fell into a carnival. After she stopped with a drift action, snowflakes splashed everywhere, which was very beautiful. Zhang mengqiu won the first gold medal in China’s Paralympic alpine skiing history in one fell swoop in the Paralympic alpine skiing women’s super slalom standing posture competition on the 6th.