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Life is a heavy weapon for the country

On October 15, 2018, the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that an asteroid with an international permanent number was officially named”Nanren Dongxing”. Since then, in the vast universe, there will always be Nan Rendong’s name.


Tianyancha assists the documentary “Chinese Background” to provide professional information and data

   Chinanews, April 9th. Since the end of February, the eight-episode large-scale documentary “The Color of China” has been broadcast on the CCTV news new media platform and multiple social media platforms, which has attracted widespread attention. As a co-producer, Tianyancha provides professional and reliable information and data, from the micro to the macro, and together with CCTV news to paint the background of China, reflecting the broad picture of the vitality of the new era and new pattern.


“Sky Eye” asks the sky with unlimited potential

“Sky Eye” Wentian has unlimited potential. The”Chinese Sky Eye” in the sun and in the afterglow of the setting sun.”China Sky Eye” panorama. On January 11 this year, China’s 500-meter spherical radio telescope, known as the”China Sky Eye”, passed the acceptance inspection and was qualified for open operation. Today, the”China Sky Eye” has officially operated for more than 300 days. While operating stably and reliably, FAST is engaged in observation services”diligently”. The National Astronomical Observatory recently stated that FAST has found more than 240 pulsars. With the help of”Sky Eye”, the Chinese scientific research team quickly became the core research force in the field of international rapid radio storms.


More than 240 pulsars have been discovered!”China Sky Eye” strongly supports high-level research

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 5 (Reporters Zhang Quan and Dong Ruifeng) The reporter learned from the National Astronomical Observatory that since the acceptance in January this year, the”China Sky Eye” (FAST) facility has been operating stably and reliably, and has achieved a series of major scientific achievements and the discovery of pulsars. The number is over 240, and more than 40 high-level papers have been published based on the data of”China Sky Eye”.