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Jilin a director’s son high-profile show off his wealth? Police report:the netizens involved are not related by blood or relatives to Mr. Han

Recently, the netizen”Xiaxian Zhimu substitute” claimed to be the son of Han Moumou, Secretary General of the Standing Committee of the Jilin Provincial People’s Congress. He flashed his father and wealth on the Internet, attracting attention. According to the report of Chaoyang District branch of Changchun public security bureau of Jilin Province on July 31:on July 30, Chaoyang District branch of Changchun public security bureau received a report that netizens”good substitute of the bottom chord” and”two of the top chord” pretended to be the police officer on the Internet to slander their father Han, causing adverse effects.


A positive case (male, 56 years old) went to public places for many times and still went out with fever. The case was filed for investigation

In April 10, 2022, covid-19 issued a circular No. thirty-fifth and No. forty-eighth issued by the Shenyang new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention command headquarters, which failed to call the hotline 12345 in time, contacted the relevant departments, and did not immediately go to the fever clinic in the nearest medical institution, and continued to go out after taking the fever medicine.


Dong Moumou (female, 29 years old) was arrested

After investigation, Dong Moumou of the staff did not comply with the relevant epidemic prevention and control measures, failed to conduct nucleic acid testing as required, and repeatedly entered and left hotels, restaurants, residential areas and other public places, resulting in serious consequences and risks to the epidemic prevention and control work in Sanya.


Jiangsu Yangzhou police reunion action to help brothers reunite after 62 years

Beijing, Yangzhou, December 17 (Zhang Zhi, Wang Zixin) spanning 800 kilometers, brothers separated for 62 years and finally reunited! On the 17th, at the marriage recognition ceremony of “reunion action” held by Guangling branch of Yangzhou Public Security Bureau, yuan of Anyang, Henan province finally met his brother Zhang who had been separated for nearly 62 years. “When my parents were alive, the biggest concern was my brother. Now my brother has finally found it, and they can rest in peace!” Zhang said at the marriage recognition ceremony.