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Malaysia Airlines mh370 lost contact for 2954 days. What about the relatives who gave up 2.52 million compensation?

A few days ago, the family of Malaysia Airlines mh370 wrote a letter to the family of China Eastern Airlines mu5735.”Don’t take our original detour”;”In any case, don’t give up the reconstruction of life”; This word is saturated with the helplessness, sadness and despair of Malaysia Airlines families in the past eight years. On March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines mh370 disappeared into the air. In the following eight years, many family members of Malaysia Airlines lived in”sequelae”.


The father of working to find a son did not recognize the police report. He identified that the pond man’s body was not a missing son and said that it was a blessing in disguise:who would know about me if there was no epidemic situation and would hire a lawyer to protect his rights

On January 19, Beijing announced the activity track of asymptomatic infected Yue Zongxian, which attracted the attention of the whole network. From January 1 to 18, Yue Zongxian worked as a part-time worker in 32 different places such as construction sites and garbage stations. Yue Zongxian, 44, was called”the hardest Chinese in the flow survey” by netizens.


Wang Bin, the son of Wang Fuyu, Yun Lei, the son of Yun Guangzhong, Yun Kaichen, the son of Yun citizen, and Zhang Yan, the son of Zhang Qi

Among them, Wang Bin, son of Wang Fuyu, former chairman of the CPPCC Guizhou Provincial Committee, Yun Lei, son of Yun Guangzhong, former member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and former Secretary of Hohhot municipal Party committee, Yun Kaichen, son of Yun citizen, former deputy secretary of the Party group and general manager of China Huadian Group Co., Ltd., Zhang Yan, son of Zhang Qi, former member of the Standing Committee of Hainan provincial Party committee and former Secretary of Haikou municipal Party committee, And the son of Liu Chuansheng, former Secretary of the Party committee of Beijing Normal University, the details of violation of discipline and law were exposed for the first time.


The female teacher fired several shots while sending her son to school, telling passers-by”He went to heaven to reunite with his grandmother”

The female teacher fired several shots while sending her son to school, telling passers-by,”He went to heaven to be reunited with his grandmother.” Watch the news Knews 2020-11-13 09:49 On the way to send his son to school, he suddenly shot his own flesh and blood and pointed at the child’s body and told a stranger,”He went to heaven to reunite with his grandmother.”


Wife loss in his early years, severe illness in his middle age, and loss of children in his later years… 78-year-old Biden was also a heartbroken father

The report also revealed that Biden’s son encouraged his father to run for president before his death. After many days of long and tormenting waiting, the day before, many American media also issued predictions that Biden had won more than 270 electoral votes in the presidential election and won the 2020 US presidential election.


Howard responded that he was accused by his eldest son:I am not an irresponsible father and love him forever

Live it, October 30. Lakers center Howard’s eldest son Braylon today sued the three-time best defensive player, calling him”irresponsible father.” Howard responded to his son’s strong protest on the radio program:“I’m not the type of person who speaks badly on the Internet or in social media. The only thing I want to say is that some people will think that I am an irresponsible father.


Song Xiaoying, an old playboy, has a baby, 65 years old, but she still bumps into her face Zhang Ziyi, her son is like a star dad

On October 29th, Song Xiaoying, the old drama bone, posted a warm graphic and text on his personal social platform. In the news, she said that she and her son had not seen each other for a year and a half, and three happy smiling faces were added at the end of the article. The picture is a warm photo of Song Xiaoying and her son. In one of the photos, Song Xiaoying wears red framed glasses with black and shiny hair, looking affectionately at her son next to her.