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Life is long, I hope you will be like a song

No one can go smoothly, and no one will be frustrated forever. The best state is that the days are getting better day by day. A set of inspirational lyrics. May you have a wonderful life and the years are like songs.


When sports encounters black technology, have you seen such a golf game?

China News Service, Beijing, March 29 (Reporter Yue Chuan) The 2021 China Professional Golf-Ruge Network Tour Opener, hosted by the China Golf Association and exclusively operated by Shenzhen Ruge Technology Co., Ltd., ended in Beijing last weekend . “Xiang Sister” Qin Min won the Beijing Women’s Championship, while the men’s Championship was won by the “post-00” player Liu Zehao.


The song “I Can’t Breathe” to commemorate the death of Freud won the Grammy Song of the Year

   Chinanews, March 15 According to foreign media reports, at the Grammy Awards ceremony on the 14th local time, the song “I Can’t Breathe” sung by singer H.E.R. was named the best song of the year. This song was written to commemorate the death of Freud, an African American man who was killed by the kneeling of a white police officer. It is also a song that records the “black people’s fate is also a fate” protests across the United States.