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The Russian rocket took off again, and the supply spacecraft flew to the space station at high speed.

According to Russian media reports, on July 23, Russia carried out the launch of the MS-15 Progress replenishment spacecraft, and a giant rocket took off again. This time, the MS-15 Progress replenishment spacecraft carried fuel and fuel for the International Space Station. Compressed air and oxygen, scientific research equipment, sanitary products, clothing, medicine and food, and 420 liters of drinking water.


The launch of the Mars probe is imminent, Russia has not stopped, and the Progress spacecraft will once again lead the US

The long-term dependence on Russia’s manned spacecraft and cargo spacecraft has made the United States very embarrassed. This is because the United States has long regarded Russia as its opponent and has contained Russia in many ways. However, it has to bow to Russia in the field of manned spaceflight. This is for the United States. It is a great irony. Although the United States has resumed its manned space project, Russia is still ahead of the United States in the high-speed operation of spacecraft.


Yang Liwei’s capsule heard the sound of”knocking on the window”, and the mystery was uncovered 16 years later, what a blessing!

Covering anecdotes from all over the world, and looking at all kinds of anecdotes, the vast universe has always been the object of the people of all countries to explore. As one of the countries that have developed more prominently in recent years, it is naturally impossible for us to slack off developments in this area. China has continuously cultivated talents in this area. At the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in 2003, the first manned satellite was sent into space. This Shenzhou 5 manned spacecraft is a household name of our people.


Why can’t mankind reach the level 1 civilization of the universe? Because of these three problems, humans have not solved one

A scientist guessed that there are 7 levels in the universe, of which the first-level civilization is the lowest level civilization, but human beings can not even reach the first-level civilization in this seven-level civilization of the universe, which surprised many people. The eyes have turned into outer space, but it can not prove the excellence of human beings, so how should humans become the advanced civilization of the universe?