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Polish man found UFO at low altitude and took 5 photos as evidence

We all know that there is only one earth in the world, and we humans all live on one earth. As soon as the news came out, it attracted the attention of many relevant people. In some countries abroad, there were similar UFO discovery incidents in the past time. There were also photos and videos of some materials to confirm, but the media did not disclose what was encountered in the end. At that time, some measures were taken to lock the track, but the UFO found too fast, and ultimately failed.


With only the last 100 million kilometers left, it only takes 4 months, and Hayabusa 2 carrying precious ores is coming back

In the open outer space, in addition to countless small objects approaching the earth, there is a spaceship from 300 million kilometers away, also approaching the earth, don’t get me wrong, it is not from another alien spacecraft in the life world, but by The asteroid sampling spacecraft built by humans on the earth is very advanced in technology. The spacecraft is called Hayabusa II. It is mainly funded by JAXA in Japan. In 2019, it carried out a series of mining operations on the near-Earth celestial dragon palace. The mining process has opened the eyes of the world.