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The United States dug up two ancient currencies, but was found to be from the future. Netizen:Has anyone crossed?

With the advancement of science and technology, human exploration of the world is getting deeper and deeper, and in this process, people have discovered many things that are difficult for science to explain. Some of these puzzles have been uncovered with the advancement of science, but some of them are still unsolved. Some of these unsolved mysteries are due to the fact that it is still difficult for human beings to find out why, and some are due to insufficient clues to investigate.


The”gate of time and space” was discovered over Antarctica, and humanity is expected to pass through? Expert:Don’t act rashly

There are many people who want to travel to the coldest and purest place in the world. Antarctica is indeed very attractive. Too many people want to take a look at Antarctica. The population on this earth is very large, but the Antarctic is uninhabited because the weather there is so extreme that people can only travel there at most, and it is impossible to live there for a long time.


“Wormhole” appears above Antarctica? Can humanity travel through time and space in the future? In fact, there is already an answer

Antarctica is a very magnificent place on Earth, and it is also a very mysterious place. It contains many unknown secrets and is still waiting for people to reveal. Some people have said before that there is a door to space and time in Antarctica, saying that it can turn back time. 30 years, which is the”travel” we often see in TV series.


Is there really no parallel world? How to explain the”magic” scene over Europe?

I don’t know how much you know about the parallel world. Scientists have put forward the theory of a multiverse, thinking that there are multiple universes and there are many parallel universes. Until now, scientists have not confirmed the authenticity of parallel space-time. Some time ago, scientists discovered a particle in Antarctica. Perhaps such particles can prove that the parallel world is real.