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The third “8.8 Beijing Sports Consumption Festival” will be supported by many stars

Map provided by the organizer

Beijing, July 29 (reporter Yuechuan) – the Beijing Municipal Bureau of sports held a media briefing on the 29th on the third “8.8 Beijing Sports Consumption Festival”, which will last from early August to early September. From August 6, the third 8.8 Beijing Sports Consumption Festival “offline Carnival” will be held in the diamond court of the National Tennis Center for three days.


“Retro” and”avant-garde” deduce sports vitality

When the release of regular vacation series is closely connected with”sports style”, you can feel the coming of the general trend of fashion – Fearless and fearless in the name of fashionable sports”war clothes”, which has become the hottest pursuit in the spring of the fashion industry.


Today is international sports day, otherwise you will also have activities?

Beijing, April 6 (Liu Xingchen) “sleepy in spring, sleepy in autumn, sleepy in summer, sleepy in winter and three months.” This proverb is widely spread in life. But Xiaoxin is here today to urge everyone to exercise, because the international sports day is coming! Yes, you are right. April 6, international sports day!


The end of the Beijing Winter Olympics is the beginning of the “first year of ice and snow in China”

Beijing, February 25 (Liu Xingchen) on February 20, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games entered the last competition day, and this grand ice and snow event is coming to an end. In the past 17 days, from the continuation of the strength of the “master of kings” in the short track speed skating field to the repeated breakthroughs in snow events, from Gu ailing, Su Yiming and other young people standing on the podium to Xu Mengtao, Qi Guangpu and other veterans realizing their dreams


Qiu Zhaoyi: what is the significance of hosting the Winter Olympics? A strong youth makes a strong country!

Beijing, February 4 (Xinhua) Qiu Zhaoyi, professor and doctoral supervisor of Beijing University of physical education, said in the “24-hour Winter Olympics” global all media live broadcast jointly launched by China News Network and 100 Chinese media around the world that one of the great significance of hosting the Winter Olympics in China is that more young people are involved in sports, “young people are stronger than China”, They represent the future of the motherland.