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The relationship between men and women began to be impure, and most of them began to”share”

At the beginning of any relationship, there is always someone who takes the first step. Maybe it’s an inadvertent sentence of hello, or a casual sentence of help, so in the constant coming and going, this paragraph is originally unfamiliar. The relationship began to heat up, you started to joke and joke with each other, and you started to tease each other. In the end, you either became a good friend or a good lover. This is probably the case between people, from not knowing each other to knowing and loving each other. , What is needed is just the beginning.


Is the current Chinese economy inflation or deflation?

Even people who are no longer sensitive may find that prices have increased a lot in the past few years compared to before. After all, in the past, only a dozen yuan can be used to buy a pound of pork. In the past two years, it basically needed 30 Diversified, even higher prices can buy a pound.


Shams:The players unanimously approved the proposal for the start of the game on December 23, and the two sides have reached an agreement

Tiger Fighting News on November 6 According to a report by the well-known journalist Shams, the player’s voting results for the start of the game on December 23 have been successfully passed. So far the league and the players union have formally reached a proposal to start the game on December 23. The new season will start on December 23, and the regular season will be 72 games in length. The league has begun to prepare for the Christmas game week.


The NBA start date is determined in advance! Player representatives agreed to start before Christmas, only to vote

According to a joint report by ESPN reporters and Lowe and other reporters, the voting intentions of all player representatives indicate that everything is moving towards reaching an agreement, and the players are ready to vote to approve the league’s plan to start on December 23. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the changes in the schedule have shortened the players’ offseason, and the players union had previously insisted on starting the game on January 19. And this will also lead to a substantial reduction in league revenue and directly affect player revenue.


NBA considers halving the new season schedule

According to ESPN reporter Woj, there is news that the NBA may halve the 2020-2021 season schedule to maintain flexibility, and the”play-off” format is still an important part of the league’s plan for the next season.


The NBA will start the new season as early as possible

The current consensus is that in order to make the 2021-22 season’s calendar as normal as possible, the new season will start as early as possible. The league is considering starting a new season from February or March to maximize the attraction of fans back to the arena, earning tickets for the match day and surrounding income.