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700 Jiangxi-aided Yubao Electric Power Commandos light up 23 “black lights” communities in 2 days

China News Service, Nanchang, July 25th (Zhang Mingming, reporter Wang Haoyang) State Grid Jiangxi Electric Power’s aid to Henan power protection front-line headquarters has reported that after two days of fighting, Jiangxi’s aid to Henan Electric Power’s rescue and relief work has achieved initial results. There are currently 23 The community (one of which is the worst-hit community) restored power supply after emergency repairs.


State Grid Energy Zhang Yunzhou:Has successfully invested and operated backbone power grids in 9 countries and regions

Introduction:In the past 20 years, State Grid Corporation of China has carried out overseas investment, mergers and acquisitions, capacity cooperation, and interconnection of power grids. It has successfully invested and operated backbone energy grid companies in 9 countries and regions, mainly power grids. The total overseas assets reached 65 billion US dollars, and the scale of overseas assets was second only to the National Grid Corporation of the United Kingdom.


Mao Weiming, Chairman of State Grid Corporation of China, met with Zou Lei, Chairman of Dongfang Electric Group

On the morning of August 26, Mao Weiming, Chairman and Party Secretary of State Grid Corporation of China, met with Zou Lei, Chairman and Party Secretary of China Dongfang Electric Group Co., Ltd. and his party at the company headquarters to discuss pumped storage power station construction, major equipment research and development, and energy storage technology application , Comprehensive energy services and the promotion of the”Belt and Road” construction and other aspects of work conducted in-depth exchanges.


The central enterprises are heavy! State Grid exits real estate business! Luneng intends to be included in China Green Hair

This means that State Grid officially withdrew from the real estate business. The statement stated that China Green Development is a diversified central enterprise invested by China Chengtong Holding Group Co., Ltd., State Grid Co., Ltd., and China Guoxin Holdings Co., Ltd., with the mission of”promoting green development and building a beautiful China”. Taking green energy, happiness industry, green real estate and strategic emerging industries encouraged by the state as the development direction, we are committed to building a first-class enterprise focusing on green industries.


The largest domestic 5G smart grid is built

The 5G smart grid project jointly built by State Grid Qingdao Power Supply Company, China Telecom Qingdao Company, and Huawei was completed recently. This is the largest 5G smart grid in China.