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Trump “blasted” New York prosecutors: not cracking down on public security crimes, only against me!

   Chinanews.com, May 20. According to the US Chinese website, on the evening of the 18th local time, the Attorney General of New York State and the District Attorney of New York City announced that they were conducting a joint criminal investigation against the company of former US President Trump. On the 19th local time, Trump issued a long statement, lashing out at the prosecution, saying that the Democrats suppressed themselves for political purposes.


German media:The wording of the latest German Football Association statement is unusual, and Loew’s position is not very stable

The German Football Association officially issued a late statement yesterday, stating that it will hold a bureau meeting on December 4 to analyze the status quo of the team. However, Bild noted that there were some unusual wording in the statement. The statement only stated that “provide sufficient time and emotional space for the national team coach” without even mentioning Loew’s name. It leaves a lot of room for imagination, because this style of wording is not uncommon in previous resignation statements.


The U.S. Department of Land Security says there is no evidence that votes were lost:this year’s election is the safest in history

CISA issued a statement on the 12th local time, the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a division of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, issued a statement stating that there is no evidence that any voting system in this year’s U.S. elections has violated regulations such as deletion, loss, and change of votes. Happening.


Armenia:Has signed an armistice statement with Azerbaijan and Russia

Russian media report screenshots of overseas network, November 10, according to Russian satellite news agency news on the 10th, Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan announced on his Facebook account that he has signed the armistice statement with Azerbaijan and Russia. Pashinyan stated that he made a decision”after an in-depth analysis of the military situation”:”I have signed a declaration to stop fighting in the Naka region with the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Russia.


Chinese Embassy in Singapore:Take the flight to China with double negative certificate

The Chinese Embassy in Singapore announced on the 3rd that in order to reduce the cross-border spread of the epidemic, starting from November 8, 2020, Chinese and foreign passengers departing from Singapore and taking flights to China must present a negative certificate of the new crown virus nucleic acid test and serum specificity Certificate of negative sex IgM antibody test, apply for the green health code with the”HS” logo or the green QR code with the”HDC” health statement.


Chinese Embassy in Italy:Those who take a flight to China must present a double negative certificate for boarding

Source:The Chinese Embassy in Italy Recently, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has rebounded and spread on a large scale in many countries, seriously threatening people’s lives and health, and seriously affecting social stability and economic recovery. In order to ensure healthy, safe and smooth travel to China, avoid cross-infection during travel, and prevent cross-border spread of the epidemic, all passengers who will take flights to China are requested to read the following notice carefully and thoroughly, and prepare in advance to meet all requirements .