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The mystery of the usefulness of Stonehenge in Britain has been uncovered by archaeologists, and its true usefulness subverts traditional perceptions

For the British Stonehenge, it is the same as the unsolved mystery of other worlds. Its construction difficulty makes people wonder how it was built by the ancients and why such a building was built. Like other famous monuments, it is the most common guess in rumors. It’s the alien theory. For example, many people say that Stonehenge was the place where prehistoric humans sent signals to aliens. Such remarks aroused the imagination of many people.


A stone pillar finally solved the mystery of British Stonehenge

The mystery of Stonehenge in the United Kingdom was finally solved. Scientists finally discovered the exact source of the boulder with the help of a core that had been lost for 60 years. Archaeologists can now determine that the boulder came from Westwood, 25 kilometers north of Stonehenge, close to Marlborough.


The unexplained mystery of the world

Good morning everyone, I am Rainbow. The unexplained mystery of the world. It is one of the most mysterious mysteries on earth. The picture of the water monster looks like a crystal dragon that went extinct more than 70 million years ago.


The mystery of Stonehenge has been revealed! Scientists have found the source of the stone by analyzing the chemical composition of the stone

The source of stone used to build Stonehenge around 2500 BC has been debated for more than four centuries. Recently, a new study showed that the megaliths of Stonehenge in southern England originated from a place only 15.5 miles apart. The smaller”blue stone” near the center of the monument can be traced back to Wales, but the origin of the sarsen boulder that formed the main building of Stonehenge is still unknown.


The mystery of the source of the prehistoric Stonehenge rock, scientists have precisely determined the source of the boulder

After scientists determined the source of the Stonehenge megaliths, a major Stonehenge mystery was finally solved. Modern scanning technology has traced the huge sandstone boulders that make up Stonehenge to a site in Wiltshire. Archaeologists believe that most of the larger stones, known as”sarsens”, were mined in West Woods, Wiltshire, just 15 miles from Stonehenge.