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The top searched No. 1 in the national football team! Victory in the European Cup, Maldives coach:the Chinese team is too strong off the bench

On June 12, Beijing time, the national football team defeated the Maldives 5-0 and ranked first on the hot search list. Judging from the popularity, the national football team won the European Cup. However, although the national football team won, but the five main opponents also won. Therefore, although the national football has mastered its destiny, in the last round, the national football still has to do its best to strive for victory to reach the top 12. If there is a tie, the national football team is not absolutely sure to advance to the top 12.


National football first! For the top 40, the Chinese Super League may be postponed until the start of April

On January 25, Beijing time,”Beijing Youth Daily” reported that the Chinese Super League will postpone the start of the match because of the time conflict between the top 40 of the National Football Team and the first stage of the Super League. According to the report, the AFC has not determined the specific plan for the top 40 in the first half of this year, and the games originally scheduled for March and June will be affected by the epidemic, and the next top 40 may also adopt a tournament system.


The National Football Team’s impact on the World Cup welcomes good! You don’t have to go abroad and you have one more home court.

Text/Public nuisance Some media reports have revealed that Shanghai intends to host the remaining matches of the World Preliminary 40. Pudong Football Stadium will be used as the venue. It is likely that around June, the top 40 matches will be reopened in the form of a tournament system. . If Shanghai can really apply successfully, then it is undoubtedly a piece of good news for the national team.


The national football team wins four games and advances

News from our newspaper (Haihe Media Sports Center reporter Wang Zi) The top 40 of the Asian qualifiers for the World Cup is scheduled to restart in March next year. It is the only goal of the Chinese team to make the best of the top 12. Although this year’s epidemic disrupted the team’s pace of preparations, the chairman of the Chinese Football Association Chen Xuyuan did not lower the record requirements for the Chinese team-four wins to lock the promotion seat.