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Simulcast+ Renmin University of ChinaInvestigation and research. ten thousand and eighty-six The general secretary instructed the young students:”I hope you will bear in mind the […]


Gaomiao primary school in Xiangcheng District carried out the activity of”good books grow up with me and world reading day”

April 23 this year is the 27th”world reading day”. On the occasion of the arrival of”world reading day”, Gaomiao primary school in Xiangcheng District has carried out a series of activities around the theme of”let good books grow with me”. Firstly, the speech under the national flag and electronic display screen are used to create a reading atmosphere and set off a climax of reading activities for all teachers and students; Then, each class held a class meeting on the theme of”world reading day” to make friends with books;


Hangzhou new winter vacation homework after “double reduction”: hand drawn escape map, eating and broadcasting in English

Beijing, Hangzhou, February 6 (Wang Ti title) hand drawn community escape route map, looking for “symmetrical beauty”, making Spring Festival riding lanterns, eating and broadcasting in English… These seemingly unrelated contents are actually winter vacation homework for many primary and secondary schools in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province after the implementation of “double reduction”.


Yunnan Pianma heavy snow closed the mountain, and the traffic police escorted 29 students home safely

China news network, Nujiang, January 27 (Yang Quan) recently, the snow continued to fall in the high-altitude area of Pianma Town, Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The local traffic police combined with multiple departments to form an assault team. After nine hours, they climbed over the wind and snow Yakou with an altitude of more than 3000 meters and sent 29 MA students home safely.