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When Green Talk is in progress|”Subversion” Journey, to be continued

In the afternoon, nearly a hundred industry leaders, experts, scholars, and business elites at home and abroad who were invited to participate in the observation and inspection activities. Among the guest merchants participating in the inspection, there are not only “new faces” who have come to Suqian for the first time, and “old friends” who have continued to deepen their relationship with Suqian.


The Hong Kong SAR Government made it clear that the slogan”Recovering Hong Kong” means Hong Kong’s independence

On the evening of July 2, the SAR Government spokesman solemnly stated that the Hong Kong Government clearly stated that”recovering the revolution of the Hong Kong era” means Hong Kong independence. The slogan today is Hong Kong independence, or the separation of the Hong Kong SAR from the People’s Republic of China, Implications of changing the legal status of the SAR or subverting state power.