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Why is it easy for others to succeed, but you still do nothing with such hard work?

Constantly positioning yourself, continuously enriching yourself, and changing yourself periodically are the only ways to maintain success.”Zeng Shiqiang’s Daily Proverbs” | The full text contains 2,600 words, and it takes 10 minutes to read deeply. It will benefit a lifetime. Nowadays, everyone is pursuing success. Success seems to be a sign that symbolizes the result of our hard work and that we have not lived in vain in our entire life.


Winning the championship taught me that success is important, and the process of hard work is even more important

There is always news of winning the championship recently. It was originally not a person who chased the wind, but I saw a problem that when we are strong enough inside, we will not regard winning as the only value of the game. It attracted me, so I looked at it, and it was really good. The whole story was almost finished crying. 1. There will be no success without hard work. Effort is not enough. You need to work hard enough to feel powerless and hard to move yourself. Success can never be achieved by hitting the gongs and drums.


This is the highest state of success

Life is like a battlefield. On the battlefield,”the winner is the king, the loser is the Kou” to describe the changes in status after success and failure. They believe that you don’t need to care too much about the outcome of victory or defeat, because victory or defeat can only show the present but not the future.


Real success is family happiness

Some people say that success means becoming wealthy, well-dressed and well-eaten; but these are only partial successes. In fact, real success should be family happiness. People are not born to fight for fame and gain throughout their lives. They value money too much. Working hard to make money may also damage their health, life, and become physically and mentally exhausted;


The fastest shortcut in the world is down to earth

However, the more you want to succeed quickly, the harder it is to achieve success, and even you will take more detours, because people who want to succeed quickly always try to find shortcuts. Really, down-to-earth is the fastest shortcut in the world. There is no doubt about this.