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The cargo ship “Longci” passes through the Suez Canal for the first time after the grounding accident

   Chinanews, August 21. According to a Russian satellite network report, sources from the shipping service company GAC said that the container ship “Longci” finally left the Suez Canal in July after being detained for several months. On August 20, local time, the ship passed the Suez Canal again safely, which was also the first time it passed through the Suez Canal after leaving Egypt last month.


Responsible for the blockage of the Suez Canal? The Egyptian female captain was not there at all

China News Service, April 6th. According to foreign media reports, after the giant cargo ship “Long Give” that blocked the Suez Canal for a week got out of trouble, follow-up claims and other work are waiting to be carried out. However, the name of an Egyptian female captain has become a network. Hot search, some people accused her of being responsible for the “Hengka” Suez Canal incident on the huge ship. What exactly is going on?