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Scenario laboratory: Sunac promotes urban operations with the creation of a “scenario consortium”

   Chinanews, December 9th. On December 8, the “WISE2020 King of New Economy” conference opened at the Beijing International Convention Center. Among them, “WISE2020 Future City Summit”, as a professional summit focusing on urban renewal, business evolution, and human settlement development, is co-hosted by 36Kr and Scene Lab. The summit invites pioneers in different fields to share their experience and thinking, and jointly discuss the breakthroughs of urban transformation under the proposition of the new era, and the exploration and innovation of future scenarios.


Shaoxing Municipal Government and Sunac China signed the Shaoxing Jianhu Future City Project

According to the”Sunac official WeChat account” WeChat public account on November 15, at the 2020 Shaoxing Development Conference held on the 14th, the Shaoxing Municipal People’s Government and Sunac China signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build the Shaoxing Jianhu Future City project. According to reports, the Jianhu Future City project is located in the Qingdian Lake block of Shaoxing, covering an area of ​​about 5.4 square kilometers.