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“Exclusive Boutique” Victoria’s Secret Angel Romee Strijd (glutinous rice) beach style

Everyone kindly called her”Nuomi” or”Routie”. It is a wonderful story from an ordinary girl to a legendary girl. Many supermodels were discovered and cultivated by scouts, thus embarking on the road of supermodels. From the city to the stage of Paris, the European fashion center, this triple jump is something many people would not even dare to think about, and Ronmee did it easily.


“Black Pearl” Naomi Campbell reappears on the cover of the US version of VOGUE after 20 years

This is the first time she reappeared on the cover after 20 years. The last time the cover was the Genesis theme cover in 1999. Since then, the American version of VOGUE has opened the celebrity route, and supermodels have become rare on the cover. This is because of magazine sales. It’s a downturn, VOGUE faces sales barriers, and editor-in-chief Anna Wintour knows that VOGUE needs well-known celebrities to promote attention.


Human beauty is in the bones but not in the skin, supermodel Cuckoo, and the high-level face interprets unique fashion

There is an old Chinese saying that the beauty of people is in the bones, not in the skin. It means that beauty is determined by the bony appearance, not the outer skin and skin. The beauty of the bony appearance makes it possible to shoot at any angle regardless of age. , Are very unique and beautiful. Today we will take a look at how the natural beauty supermodel Rhododendron interprets unique fashion for us.


Mom, supermodel, father, actress, how can Ren Dahua’s daughter be worse? 15-year-old is so beautiful that he is 1.8 meters tall

Ren Qingjia has grown very beautiful. Her height is almost as tall as the supermodel mother Qi Qi. At the age of 15, she is 1.8 meters tall. Her mother is a well-known model. Under the training of her fashion mother, Ren Qingjia also has a good fashion style. Whether it is a small pink style or a handsome tooling style, she can wear a unique effect.