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Putin:China and Germany are emerging as”superpowers”, and the United States can no longer”see hegemony”

Source:World Wide Web [Global Network Reporter Zhu Mengying]”Putin said that Germany and China are emerging as superpowers, and the United States can no longer (continue) to’dominate’, and the role of Britain and France has been’changed’.” 22nd,”Russia Today” (RT ) With this as the topic, we reported on the statement of Russian President Putin that day.


What will happen to the world if there is a war between the United States and Russia? Zhang Zhaozhong:There are only two endings

As we all know, since the end of World War II in the last century, the two major superpowers in the world, the United States and the Soviet Union, began a long-term military hegemony. It is even more important that nuclear weapons are in the same position as the United States in strategic reserves. If the two major military powers, the United States and Russia, have a war, what will happen to the world pattern?