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Beijing West Railway Station today suspended 105 departure trains

   China News Service, August 8th. Beijing West Railway Station’s official Weibo announced on the 7th that due to the continuous heavy rainfall and epidemic prevention and control requirements in many places, 105 trains from Beijing West Railway Station were suspended on August 8. Passengers who have purchased tickets for suspended trains can apply for full refund procedures within 30 days. The railway department apologizes for the inconvenience caused. Passengers are requested to arrange their travel time reasonably and pay attention to the information announced by the railway department.


Affected by heavy rain in Henan, 65 trains from Beijing West Railway Station were suspended on the 22nd

Chinanews client, Beijing, July 22 (Reporter Zhang Ni) The reporter learned from the Beijing Railway Bureau that due to the continuous heavy rainfall in many parts of Henan, the Beijing West Railway Station lasted more than three days from July 20 to July 22. The train was delayed and suspended. Up to now, 65 trains from Beijing West Railway Station have been suspended on July 22.


Wang Xiaohui has been suspended for two games due to stretched legs

Xinhua News Agency, Zhuji, Zhejiang, November 4 (Reporters Su Bin, Lin Deren) The CBA League announced on the 4th that Beijing team player Wang Xiaohui was suspended for one match in accordance with the league’s disciplinary rules due to the action of stretching his legs against the Guangdong team. , And because Wang Xiaohui was disqualified on the spot, he was automatically suspended for one game, and eventually suspended two games. The Beijing team lost 107:111 to Guangdong in the eighth round of the CBA League on the 3rd.


The Japanese government is worried about whether to buy the”Global Hawk” Japanese media:suspected of high prices and fear of offending the United States

Overseas Network, August 14 According to a report from the Japan Jiji News Agency on the 14th, the Japanese government plans to deploy three large-scale U.S.-produced unmanned reconnaissance aircraft”Global Hawk” in 2021. On the 13th, government officials said that the Japanese government is currently discussing whether to suspend the plan.


Exxon’s absence in the 4th round of Evergrande was exposed:due to non-compliance with team rules, he was internally suspended for 1 round

According to a report by reporter Qiu Yejin, in the fourth round of the match between Evergrande and Luneng, the naturalized player Exxon was not included in the list. The reason was not injury, but because he did not eat according to the team’s stipulated time after the third round of the deep football match. Violated the management regulations of the team and was suspended for one round by internal punishment.