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Chen Yixin:The”Six Cleanups” must be thorough, and the eradication of evil must be normalized

From September 10th to 13th, Chen Yixin, Secretary-General of the Central Political and Legal Committee and Director of the National Anti-gang Office, investigated the anti-gang work in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and presided over a survey on the work of anti-gang work in the four provinces of Meng, Liao, Ji and Hei. In the forum, the research method of”squatting one province and one area” was adopted to understand the new situation and new problems of the”six cleansing” operations in the four provinces, to study new measures and suggestions for promoting”cleaning thoroughly”, and to plan new ideas for normalizing the eradication of evil New mechanism. Chen Yixin emphasized that this year’s”six cleansing” actions should be thorough, to achieve the”four stricts”:strictly control the”quality check” of case handling, strictly observe the”schedule” of work, strictly prevent the”risk points” of public opinion, and strictly supervise and guide the”responsibility list”.”, to ensure that every clue, every case, and every outstanding issue is clear. From next year, the eradication of gangsters will be carried out in a institutionalized and normalized manner. It is planned to explore the establishment and improvement of”six normalized mechanisms”:intelligent and open reporting mechanism, punishment mechanism for early warning, prevention mechanism for source governance, precise and effective Supervision mechanism, continuous leadership mechanism, incentive and restraint evaluation mechanism.