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start again! Vivo’s OriginOS hands-on experience after a year of polishing

What kind of system will make people’s eyes shine, the answer is to have a”outstanding” difference. Looking at the domestic mobile phone manufacturers, each has a highly customized system, but there are only a handful of systems that can truly differentiate and make users applaud. In order to solve the pain points of users, vivo finally offered its own”killer” on the system.


Yi Hui is full of voice! Let the market have a clear expectation of supervision, a decentralized market that should not be regulated! Strengthen the construction of investment end system and actively advocate value investment

At the 2020 Financial Street Forum annual meeting, Yi Huiman stated that it is necessary to steadily implement the registration system in the entire market, improve the normalization and multi-channel delisting system arrangements, and further deepen the reform of the new three board to optimize the third-pillar pension. The policy environment for the entry of long-term funds into the market is focused on fostering and strengthening the long-term investment power of the capital market.