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US Congressman proposed to buy S-400, want Turkey to be the second in Ukraine? Russia:inferiority complex

In the United States today, the domestic epidemic situation has exceeded 2.73 million, and the wave of anti-racial discrimination is still continuing, while the US military is still”moving its feet” outside. However, unlike before, the United States finds that its international influence is declining, and China is facing The United States was getting tougher, India dared to refute the US side’s claims, Japan also canceled the deployment of the US Aegis land-based system, and even Turkey, the “little character”, dared to openly disobey the meaning of the United States. The key is because Turkey is in F-35 The role played by China has led the United States to beat him hard. Under various factors, some US lawmakers may have begun to”sickly and rush into medical treatment” and eagerly hope that Turkey will abandon the S-400 and pull back an ally for themselves, perhaps as Russia Military expert and retired colonel Viktor Litovkin said that the United States has become inferior.


At the three meetings of the Shenzhen Reform Commission this year, the central government emphasized these key health areas

On the afternoon of June 30, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and Director of the Central Comprehensive Deepening Reform Commission chaired the 14th meeting of the Central Comprehensive Deepening Reform Commission and delivered an important speech. This is the third meeting of the Central Reform Commission held this year. Throughout the three meetings, the central government has made important arrangements for the reform of the medical and health field based on the current and long-term perspective.


Ace missile will appear on the border between China and India

After India continued to act on the southwest border, India seemed to be preparing the confrontation very seriously, seeking weapons everywhere. At this time, Israel’s attitude was very angry, and it was really annoying to choose the side and turn to India at the critical moment.