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Butler:Losing is not Adebayor’s fault, it’s the team’s fault

Live broadcast, September 26. Today, the Heat lost to the Celtics, leading a 3-2 lead. After the game, Butler accepted an interview. Speaking of the team’s mistakes, he said:”When the opponent turned on the attack mode, we did not defend, which has never been a good thing for us.”


Mike Malone:​​We were very relaxed and we were ready when we were 16 points behind

Before the game, Nuggets coach Mike Malone accepted an interview with reporters. Speaking that this will be the Nuggets’ fourth consecutive tie-break in the last four rounds of the series last year, he said:”I think our team is very relaxed.” He joked when talking about the strategic deployment of this game. Said:”When we were 16 points behind in the third quarter, I think we were ready.”


Covington on G7:Losing and going home can be our motivation

Speaking of the mentality of G7, he said:”Our goal will not change, that is to play to the best of our best.” Talking about what can help the Rockets tide over the difficulties if G7 hits a critical moment, he said:”Lose The ball will go home, which can be our motivation.”