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Stevens:Defensive in the fast break needs to be resolved the most. Hayward’s injury has not been updated yet

Live broadcast, September 17 News Today, Celtics coach Stevens accepted an interview with reporters. Speaking of areas where the Celtics need to improve, he said:”Defense at the fast break is the most important problem we need to solve. We just need to do better when the opponent is playing fast.” Speaking of the Heat, he said:”I think they have 9 players with good scoring ability.” Speaking of the defensive group against the Heat, Claude, Iguodala, Butler, Adebayor, he said:”You can’t attack by 1 Opponents, this will get you into a three-man siege.” Speaking of Hayward, he said:”There is no update on the injury, and the team staff will accompany him in training later today.” Speaking of the neutral position He said:”The level of basketball here is very good. The NBA tried hard to make home court advantage work, but it failed.”


Zubac:I can learn from defending Jokic, my teammates continue to support me

Live it, September 9 News Today, Clippers player Zubac accepted an interview with reporters. Speaking of the encouragement from his teammates, he said:”They continue to support me, they always encourage me. I will play as hard as I can when I come on the court, and I know my teammates will always support me.”