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Wang Baoshan:The team has not slackened due to early relegation and will strive for a higher ranking

Live broadcast, October 25th. Tomorrow, in the first round of the second round of the Super League relegation group, Tianjin TEDA will face the Dalian native.”The team has no slack in the next game. It has been actively preparing for the game these days. I believe our players will show our positive state without the pressure of relegation, and give everyone a wonderful game. , Strive for better results.


Chinese Super League Red and Black List:Two honors and one shame go to Shenhua, Zall’s two worst MVP four choose one for you to comment

After the second round of the second round of the 2020 Chinese Super League, Shanghai Derby Shenhua lost a penalty. Wuhan Zall, with four international players, lost to Dalian Jianye No. 8 in the Division. Guangzhou R&F successfully relegated… Now, let’s take a look. The teams, players, and coaches that made people shine and disappoint in this round of the league.


Lakers reporter Q&A:Popper should not leave the team, Kuzma may be part of the big deal

Live broadcast, October 24th. Recently, Lakers reporter Bill Oram responded to some fan questions in the mailbox, including topics such as Kuzma’s future and the possibility of getting Paul in a deal. Let’s take a look. Fans:The salary space in the NBA is very complicated. If Davis and the Lakers renew the maximum salary, what kind of operating space is left for the team? I hope you can explain it in a way that we understand.


Jordan talks about star team:only one or two good teams left, the other 28 teams will be rubbish

Live broadcast, October 24. Recently, a show called Cigar Aficionado officially released a video of its interview with Hornets owner Jordan three years ago. Jordan talked about the phenomenon of team formation among league stars in recent years.”I think the league needs a balance in competition. If players can decide which team they want to play for, then there is bound to be an imbalance in talent.


Dalian Youth Storm in another form? Benitez has compromised, lineup changes to promote success in relegation

Text/Public Nuisance Dalian, who lost in the first round, achieved a reversal in the second round and succeeded in relegation ahead of schedule. For Benitez, he finally realized it in the past few months and changed his youth storm. After all, under the pressure of performance, compromise is still necessary. Benitez’s changes this season must not be daring, especially in the first stage of the league, let go of the thigh Carrasco and re-create the foreign aid lineup.


Simeone:I absolutely believe that my player has a positive side despite the miserable defeat of Bayern.

Live it, October 24th, Beijing time at 3 o’clock this Sunday, Atletico Madrid will host Real Betis in a game in the seventh round of La Liga. Atletico coach Simeone attended the press conference before the game. ——Compared with previous Atletico Madrid players, the mental attributes of the existing players of the team. In principle, I will not compare the players. The past is the past and the present is the present. The facts will answer all questions.