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Column — a vast castle in the air

The Chinese Super League is about to resume home and away, which is good news for fans. The same is true for the development of Chinese football. If the league with normal rules and rhythms cannot be held, the game system will lead to the decline of the overall level of football, and will also make professional football seriously disconnected from the necessary social environment. According to domestic media reports, not all clubs agreed to resume home and away games.


8 pm! Good news from the Chinese men’s basketball team:congratulations to Zeng Fanbo and Zhang Zhenlin, and the fans cheer and praise

At 8 p.m. Beijing time on July 24, aussiehopla, an Australian media, tracked and reported the latest situation of Chinese basketball. They said that Zeng Fanbo, Zhang Zhenlin and Guo Haowen had won the attention of many NBL teams with their excellent performance. As the future star of Chinese men’s basketball team, Zeng Fanbo, Zhang Zhenlin and Guo Haowen had the opportunity to play abroad, which was obviously good news.