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Take a new road of hematopoietic industrial Poverty Alleviation — On Li Baoguo’s mountain development and forest and fruit industry innovation team of Hebei Agricultural University

Carrying the banner of”Li Baoguo spirit” and taking over Professor Li Baoguo’s baton, the Li Baoguo mountain development and forestry and fruit industry innovation team of Hebei Agricultural University has been committed to the comprehensive management of Taihang Mountain and the industrialized development of economic forest around the national strategies of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization for many years, constantly taking a new road of hematopoietic industrial poverty alleviation, and continuing to write papers on the land of the motherland.


out of his house and deprive him of everything! Manchester United’s absolute main force is sure to leave the team! It is expected to sign 65 million talented attackers

For Manchester United, if the team’s state has not improved in the middle of the season, the fans still have illusions that the team can reverse the decline in the sprint stage. However, from the actual situation, the team’s state shows no signs of recovery at all. When there are only a few rounds of games left in the league, they have obviously moved away from the top four.


The Asian crown has changed! Southeast Asian teams’ collective outbreak + three defeats of South Korean strong teams, and the Chinese Super League and the Chinese Super League teams are very stable

In the second round of the Asian Champions League in 2022, the Asian Champions League changed greatly – the collective outbreak of Southeast Asian teams is rare! The k-league team is not much better. The three strong South Korean teams that took the lead also faced the former”fish belly” team in Southeast Asia. They not only didn’t win one game, but also lost all the games.