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Tianjin media:Wang Baoshan has submitted a large list of signings to TEDA, mainly to strengthen the defensive end

Live Bar News, January 5 According to the”Tianjin Daily” report, Wang Baoshan has submitted a large list of signings to TEDA, mainly to strengthen the defensive end. Tianjin media said that in the new season of TEDA, the team’s midfielder has Ahmedov to pierce the needle. Suarez, who has participated in 8 official games, has already shown his strength as a top shooter.


Jonathan bombarded TEDA again:Treating me like a foreign dog

Tianjin TEDA foreign aid Jonathan once again blasted the TEDA club, saying that he was treated like a dog. Jonathan wrote:”Not every team is worthy of my loyalty. I never avoid fighting. I always put myself in front of the team like a lion! But now, I no longer belong to TEDA and I find that they shouldn’t get it. My loyalty!


TEDA Club officially launched the name change procedure

After the special governance meeting of the Chinese Football Association Professional League held on the 14th, the TEDA club executives once again found relevant leaders of the Chinese Football Association, stating the importance of the name of the TEDA club to Tianjin, and that TEDA is not just a corporate name, but a place name.


Halftime-Suarez double-clicked Qiu Tian gave a hammer to TEDA 3-0 Yatai

Live broadcast on December 1st Beijing time at 15:00 on December 1st, the Chinese Football Association Cup quarter-finals, Tianjin Teda vs. Changchun Yatai. In the first half, Suarez made a double sound, Qiu Tian scored with a header, TEDA led Yatai 3-0. In the 16th minute, Che Shiwei scored the ball and Suarez shot from the far corner in the penalty area. TEDA led Yatai 1-0.


“19 TEDA 02” rose more than 11%intraday

“19 TEDA 02″ rose more than 11%intraday China Securities Network (Reporter Luo Han) On the morning of November 19, Tianjin TEDA Investment Holdings’s remaining bonds”19 TEDA 02″ rebounded and rose more than 11%during the session. As of 9:57, the increase of”19 TEDA 02” fell back to 7.74%to 67.90 yuan.


Tianjin media:TEDA may play a single foreign aid in a battle against Dalian

Live broadcast, October 30. In the first round of the 9-12 qualifying round of the second stage of the Chinese Super League, Tianjin TEDA defeated the Dalianese 2-0 to take the lead. According to the”Tianjin Daily”, due to injuries and other reasons, the TEDA team in the second round of the match between the two sides is likely to play with a single foreign aid.