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The Japanese Olympic Committee will give prizes to medal winners, Olympic champions will receive 5 million yen

China News Service, August 9th. According to Kyodo News on the 9th, the Japan Olympic Committee (JOC) will issue bonuses to the country’s Tokyo Olympic medalists. Gold medalists will receive 5 million yen (approximately 290,000 yuan). ), the silver medalist will receive 2 million yen, and the bronze medalist will receive 1 million yen. As the number of gold medals and the total number of medals in Japan in the Olympics both reached new highs, the total amount of prizes will exceed 400 million yen, a record high.


Japanese media: Yoshihide Suga announces 2020 revenue, this type of revenue has increased significantly

China News Service, June 30. According to the Kyodo News Agency of Japan, after comparing the total income of the leaders of the seven political parties in Japan in 2020, it was found that Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga (President of the Liberal Democratic Party) paid 38.71 million yen (approximately RMB 226). Ten thousand yuan) ranked first. This figure has increased significantly compared with 2019 when he was the Chief Cabinet Secretary. Miscellaneous income such as manuscript fees, TV appearance fees, and royalties has soared from 320,000 yen to 7.57 million yen.


Japan amends laws related to COVID-19, adds penalty clauses

China News Service, Tokyo, February 3 (Reporter Lu Shaowei) On the 3rd local time, the plenary session of the Japanese Senate passed amendments to the “New Crown Special Measures Act” and the “Infectious Diseases Act” related to the new crown epidemic, adding penalty clauses. Individuals and groups that fail to comply with the epidemic prevention requirements can be punished.


After Prime Minister Abe retires, what benefits will he enjoy? The wage gap is not as good as expected

A few days ago, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had to announce his resignation due to medical reasons, saying that he would temporarily serve as the prime minister until the new prime minister takes office. Japan held the final elections on September 14. Yoshihide Suga won 377 votes to become the new president of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan. He announced on the 16th that he was the prime minister of Japan, and the entire cabinet of Shinzo Abe resigned.