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Musk once sent a sports car into space, the photography of the car made a sensation in the world, and now where is the car?

Everyone knows or has experimented with simulated space. Although we humans say we have our own human culture, they are very small creatures in the universe. Not only humans, even every planet is a very Small objects, and the universe doesn’t know if there are any boundaries yet waiting for us to explore, and now I’m exploring very large, and now the technology is very developed, many researchers have also entered this kind of career, and many countries The Space Agency of China is also slowly intervening in the universe to explore, so let’s talk today. Musk, who once made a sensation around the world, is he going to send the new Tesla sports car to space. Where is it now?


Tesla’s latest battery life may exceed 1.6 million km

In May this year, the sales of Model 3 in the domestic market exceeded 10,000 units. In contrast, there are only less than 1,500 units in the United States. Although a large part of this is due to the impact of the US epidemic, the importance of the Chinese market has become undoubted.