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The demand for photovoltaic glass continues to be in short supply. Panasonic develops lower cost batteries for Tesla 丨 the theme of tomorrow

1 Next year, shipments of flexible OLED smartphones are expected to increase by 52%. The industry ceiling is expected to be further opened. According to reports, market research firm Stone Partners said that next year there will be 315 million smart phones using flexible OLED panels, which will be 52%higher than expected shipments this year.


US stocks are exploding again! Five major technology giants such as Apple and Tesla evaporate more than 2 trillion yuan! And Twitter plummeted 20%

In the context of the continuous spread of the second wave of the global epidemic and the constantly high valuation of US stocks, Apple’s less-than-expected earnings report has caused the market to blow a lot of wind. As of the latest quotation, in addition to Google’s rise, the combined market value of the five major US technology giants has evaporated more than 2 trillion yuan.


Frequent accidents of new energy vehicles:Weimar reappeared on fire and explosion, and responded that it is cooperating with investigations

Titanium Media Express|October 28 news:In response to a fire and explosion accident of a Weimar electric car in the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Weimar Motors responded in a blog post that the accident was quickly dealt with and no injuries or other property losses , Is currently fully cooperating with public security, fire protection and related regulatory authorities to carry out accident investigations.


Tesla official response to share Tesla:nothing to do with the company

At present, the Tesla Club in Shanghai has linked vehicles on the network platform as a shared car operation, and the hourly rent is 2 yuan/minute and 1,200 yuan/day. Insiders of Tesla China responded that there is currently no such business in China, and other platform operations have nothing to do with Tesla.


U.S. stock market hotspot of the week丨 China Securities Regulatory Commission agrees to IPO registration of Ant Group’s Sci-tech Innovation Board Tesla launches fully automated driving test version

The Dow and the S&P 500 index stopped after three consecutive weekly gains, falling 1%and 0.5%respectively, and the Nasdaq fell 1.1%. [One Week of Current Affairs News] Negotiations on the US new crown virus rescue stimulus bill continue to enter overtime. In order to reach an agreement on the stimulus bill before the November election, Pelosi and Mnuchin’s negotiations continue to enter overtime.