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Citizens are expected to experience driverless buses by the end of the year

Recently, Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences and Social Sciences Literature Publishing House jointly released”Guangzhou Blue Book:Guangzhou Innovation City Development Report”. Tang Xixi told reporters that Guangzhou is also conducting tests on driverless taxis and buses. It is expected that citizens can experience driverless buses by the end of the year.


U.S.”Stallion” heavy helicopter completes sea trials

The US media said that the new heavy transport helicopter of the US Marine Corps intends to play an important role in the military’s Pacific sea-based combat plan. Now it has just completed the maritime test and will be followed by high-temperature training in hot climates.


Pakistani Foreign Minister infected with new crown virus

Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi said on the 3rd local time that his new coronavirus test was positive, but his health was not a big deal. In the past few months, many Pakistani politicians have been infected with new pneumonia, including Pakistani Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid, Sindh Governor Imran Ismail and Pakistan People’s Party leader Said Ghani And Shah Baz Sharif, President of the Pakistan Muslim League.