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The first batch of new coronavirus self-test kits arrived in Greece, teachers and students must self-test every week

Chinanews.com, April 6th. According to the Greek “China Greek Times” report, in order to deal with the severe epidemic of high-infected people and ease the pressure on medical institutions, Greece will distribute free self-detection tools for the new coronavirus that residents can use from April. . On April 3, local time, the first batch of 1 million new coronavirus self-test kits arrived in Greece.


The Tokyo Olympic Test Tournament will be held, and some of the events intend to admit overseas athletes

China News Service, March 30. According to Kyodo News Agency of Japan, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee revealed on the 29th that out of the 18 test games scheduled to be held after April, it is coordinating 5 games to accept overseas players. Of athletes participate. It is expected that the diving test competition from April 18 to 23 will be the first batch to be accepted. This will be an opportunity to test the new crown strategy for the Olympic Games.