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Solicitation order! My family has veterans

Veterans, a name that makes people excited, their military life, their bloody battlefield, their hundred battles, their deep-seated achievements and names… Veterans, a respected title, they protect the country, they train for war, they prepare for disaster relief, they support national construction, even if they take off their military uniforms, they will not change their true colors and start a wonderful journey in life with the character and blood of soldiers… Veterans, In fact, it’s not far away. Maybe it’s beside you and me, or our grandparents or me


When others look down on you, don’t be angry, just do it silently

When you are young, you will feel very angry and depressed when others despise you and neglect you, and your self-esteem will also be hit. After all, at that time, he was young and energetic, experienced few things, and knew very little about human nature. He was looked down upon by others, except that he was angry and angry.


Carbon dioxide may allow insects to accurately locate humans!

A hungry mosquito can sense the carbon dioxide gas exhaled by humans from about 30 meters away. A study published in nature · communication shows that carbon dioxide can trigger the insect’s visual system so that they can accurately find a person’s position according to the color of human skin.


We are young

It seems that all young people can’t escape the suffering of their elders; The previous generation’s harsh understanding of young people; Almost regardless of age; Highly unified; But is that really what they said? Shh, that’s what we think. Am I floating? Can you stop floating? I don’t know the greatness of heaven and earth, so I have to measure it. At the buyer’s discretion. This depends on the final decision of the buyer. I must use my youth to print the courage of the times.