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“1950 They Are Young” released in September, Volunteer Army veterans debut on the big screen

  New Beijing News (Reporter Zhou Huixiaowan) On August 25, the documentary film “1950 They Are Young” was held in Beijing. The film took four years to shoot and produce. The main creative team set out with the original intention of “real, precious, and youthful”. They visited nearly 50 volunteer soldiers and selected 26 for inclusion in the film, recreating the battlefield of the year from different services and different dimensions. story. This is also the first time that 26 volunteer veterans have appeared on the big screen. The film will be officially released on September 3.


Who should we pay tribute to

Maybe we should pay tribute to many people, but some of them have passed away. Today, the tribute is still the ardent soldiers, because they are protecting our homeland and defending the peace.


Men do not mix well and often make these 5 mistakes

“A man always mixes badly. It must be because he made some mistakes. If he doesn’t correct them, his life will not change at all.” Liu Qiang, from 22 to 24 years old, changed jobs five times. There are so many job-hoppings in two years, I believe many people find it very unexpected, which proves that he can’t work for long every time he joins a company.