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How profitable is it to pick up garbage in the city?

I feel kind after hearing too much. There are also countless such figures who have met with us. Vaguely know that they are picking up scraps. But more and more people pick up waste. Some are to subsidize the family, some are old and helpless.


The loser deliberately lost the ball to avoid the Rockets, but wasted 2 match points and was 3rd in the West 4-3 lore

In fact, in this series, the Jazz really played better, taking advantage in the first few games. In the first game, they were able to lead by more than 10 points. They kept the chance but were reversed by their opponents. It was a pity to lose, but in the next three games, under the leadership of Mitchell, they won three games in a frenzy, blasting the third Nuggets in the West. , So he scored 51 points crazily, setting a brand new record.


One is not two wide

One is not two wide, the rest is long. It now appears that they no longer love each other. There is such a pair of friends around, the three of them played together at the beginning of the period, waiting for each other to get off work.