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Remember, if you carry it, you will succeed

Some people say:Those who hurt you are actually here to make you. In fact, nothing is absolute. No matter what difficulties you experience in life, as long as you overcome them, you will succeed.


The”classic quotations” that teachers said in those years, I…want to listen to it again

And your teacher always took the”worst class” in your class; time is rushing, and now I understand, the nagging that once made you impatient. Now it is the most unforgettable memory. That class, that mantra, and the”classic quotations” that the teacher said to us in those years, there are always so few words that make us unforgettable. Are these words very familiar? These classic mantras of the teachers of the year ↑.”The physical education teacher has asked for leave for something.” As young, we always complain about the time taken up in physical education class. Only when I grow up I understand the good intentions of the teachers; “Don’t think I can’t see”


Every time the rescue of stray animals Is a redemption of the human soul Every time a stray animal is injured and killed Is a torture of human nature Tribute to those caring people who continue to work hard for this You make the world a lot less resentful Also appeal to those who are cold or fierce Think about the miserable fate of life Why can’t I wake you up with even a little kindness Do you want to change your mind and touch your conscience? And those who carry the butcher knife

Every salvation of stray animals is a salvation of the human soul. Every time a stray animal is injured and killed is a torture of humanity. Pay tribute to those caring people who continue to work hard for this. You have made the earth a lot less resentful. Those who are indifferent or fierce appeal to think about why the tragic destiny of life is distressed


You know, those who do not speak at these 3 times are really good people

Anyone who likes to read books knows that the phrase”love is not as good as color” is often used to describe people who are very deep and powerful. Every successful person has his own way of success. The same is that they must have paid behind the sweat and hard work that others can’t reach, and at some time, showed calmness.