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Japan and Iran qualified hand in hand, New Zealand was cold, Lebanon advanced strongly, and the men’s basketball Asian Cup was updated

The men’s basketball team Asian Cup ended the second round of the group match. In group C, Iran defeated Kazakhstan 96-60, won both wars and qualified in advance. Japan defeated Syria 117-56 and advanced together with Iran. They will compete for the first place in Group D. Lebanon attacked New Zealand 86-72 and landed smoothly. The Philippines defeated India 101-59.


The skinny camel is bigger than the horse. The Chinese men’s basketball team narrowly beat Bahrain by one point. Jiang Weize Gu Quan turned the tide

In the Asian Cup group match of the men’s basketball team, the Chinese men’s basketball team lost its first game to its old rival South Korea 81-93 under the unfavorable situation of lack of major generals. The second game against Bahrain became the key game for qualifying. Because the top three of the group can get the right to qualify, the Chinese men’s basketball team, which is in poor condition recently, needs this victory to get out of the trough. Before that, South Korea has defeated Chinese Taipei to qualify in advance, and China cannot fall behind.


Warriors 4-2 Celtics won the championship after four years, curry fmvp

In the G6 finals, warriors beat Celtics 103-90 away to win the 2021-22 championship. This is the champion again after 4 years and the fourth championship in 8 years. Warriors hit 19 3 points and Celtics made 22 mistakes. Curry contributed 34 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists, and won the finals MVP for the first time. He averaged 31. 5 points in the finals


Curry scored 31 points, 11 helped Wiggins, 27 + 11 warriors, 3-0 lone ranger, and dongqiqi scored 40 points

In the G3 of the western finals, the warriors defeated the lone ranger 109-100 away, leading 3-0 in the series. Curry scored 31 points and 11 assists, and Wiggins scored 27 points and 11 rebounds, setting a new career high in the playoffs. At the beginning, Rooney scored points continuously, Wiggins hit the long-range shot, curry’s fast break hit 2 + 1, three points, Thompson’s continuous shooting and penalty, and the warriors led by 12 points 19-7. The lone ranger hit only one goal in the first 11 three-point shots!