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Tokyo Olympic village began to return timber borrowed during construction to all parts of Japan

Beijing, Nov. 4 (Xinhua) according to Kyodo news agency of Japan on the 4th, the return of timber borrowed from Japan for the construction of the exchange space “Village Plaza” between Tokyo Olympic Village and Paralympic village has been started on the 2nd. Looking at the first batch of wood returned to Gifu County, the chairman of the Olympic Organizing Committee, Kenko Hashimoto, said that “it would be better if it became an opportunity for everyone to continue talking about the Olympic Games”.


Putin issued a death order, no matter how high profits of important materials are not sold, is it related to Chinese companies?

Since Putin took over Yeltsin as the president of Russia, although he has been effective in consolidating state power, and at the same time cracked down on many financial oligarchs and state separatists, and consolidated Russia’s status as a world power, in terms of economy, due to Western sanctions and other The development of domestic industrial structure and other factors has been relatively slow, which is also one of the main difficulties currently facing Russia.


The first train of imported plates arrives in Guizhou

On the morning of August 21, a railway train full of Russian plates slowly drove into the Guiyang Rehabilitation Station, marking the successful completion of the Guizhou imported plate train and bringing new development opportunities to the timber circulation industry in Guizhou.